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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft?

Samantha: Hey everybody. My name is Samantha and I’m at The Darragh Agency. The question for today is, will your homeowners insurance cover for theft? Well, obviously, we all already know that your homeowners insurance does cover the theft that does happen on your property, minus your deductible. But let’s say you are out birthday or Christmas shopping, and you’ve got a brand new flat screen TV, or a bunch of stuff that you just bought for your kids, whatever the case may be, and someone decides to break into your vehicle and steal all your brand new stuff you just bought. Your homeowners insurance will cover the items that were stolen out of your vehicle. So, with that being said, with the holidays being a few short months away, come see me at the The Darragh office here on Trinity Street and Abbeville. I’d love to get you covered today.