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What Our Customers Say

“You guys do a great job! My wife and I have been thoroughly pleased with the Darragh Agency for over 15 years. We are pleased with the performance of Mr. Darragh. It is obvious customers are paramount to your business and you treat us like it!!!”

Charlie C.

“We have been with this agency for 30+ years. Each time we needed to file a claim they have been there to walk us thrugh the process and help in any way they could.”

James P.

“When the Darragh Agency took over my policies, things changed for the better. Todd's team saved me a lot of money and they are awesome about keeping me updated on changes or concerns. As long as business is done their way, I will be a customer. Thanks for everything.”

Joey Giles

“I thought that you were very polite and helpful above and beyond. You helped me save more money than I thought I would be able to save. Thank you!”

Rebecca R.

“As always, any time I call I get great customer service. Thank you! I also asked for a change on a policy that saved me money. It was of great help. When you are on a fixed income, any savings is welcome. Thank you!”

William S.