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Greenwood Tire Inc.

Specialty Wholesale Used Tires, New and Used Retail Tires, Tire and Automotive Service, we ship international, quality discount bargain used tires, over 10,000 used tires in inventory HistoryEstablished in 1984. Greenwood Tire is a privately owned, South Carolina based corporation operating within for over 25 years. We employ top quality personnel with the professional knowledge and training required for today's tire needs. Since 1984 Greenwood Tire has designed, developed and refined a retail new and used and used tire wholesale distribution system that continues to promote increased growth and profitability amidst the most competitive economic conditions. Greenwood Tire is able to compete as a national entity with its competitive pricing and remain a leader in retail wholesale tire sales

613 Ninety Six Hwy

Greenwood, South Carolina 29646

Phone: 864-227-3341