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Aiken Investment Advisory

Independent "Fee Only" Financial Planning & Portfolio Management


A new smart choice for consumers without the pressure to buy investment products with large sales loads or hidden costs.


Whether you choose one time advice or ongoing services. We offer an affordable approach that provides you a simple, easy to follow step by step plan with investment strategies that will save you time, money and taxes


This process typically addresses the following areas:


Goal Setting - Document a set of financial objectives based on each clients individual needs.


Investment Philosophy Inform the client on the basics of prudent investing as well as managing an investment account. Determine the types of investments that are suitale for their situation. Assist the client in the understanding of the various forms of risk. Define their risk tolerance.


Risk Management Review - Perform a comprehensive review of all client assets, liabilities, cash flow and insurance coverage. Determine whether the insurance coverage and the current allocation of assets is sufficient to provide the client with the means to achieve their goals and protect them in the event of some unforseen circumstance.


Education and Retirement Funding - Identify and address each of the clients future funding requirements and

develop a plan to achieve their goals. 


Income Tax Review - In conjunction with the client's CPA, review income tax returns. Make tax planning recommendations.


Estate Planning Review - Examine each clients estate plan and confirm that it meets the stated goals and objectives of the family. Work closely with the client's attorney or accountant on any changes that may be required


The information gathered in this process guides the creation of a written investment policy. This investment policy will serve as a guideline for all of the decisions and the implementation of the financial plan, or portfolio management recommendationsThe investment recommendations are not limited to any specific service or product offered by an investment company, broker-dealer or insurance company. Our advice will generally cover a wide variety of account types and investment vehicles such as: 401k Retirement planning, 529 College fund plans, IRA's - Individual retirement planning, Exchange-listed securities, Securities traded over-the-counter, Corporate debt securities (other than commercial paper), Certificates of deposit, Mutual fund shares, Municipal securities, and United States governmental securities

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