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Meet Our Team

Todd Darragh

Main Agent

I grew up in Greenwood and graduated from Greenwood High.
Finding the right coverage and catering for people and their family’s needs is one of the things I find most rewarding about my job and I have been doing it for the past 10 years.
When I’m out of the office, I like spending time with my family or playing golf when the weather allows.

David Lankford


I grew up in New Ellenton, South Carolina.

What most excites me about going to work everyday is the fact that I get to interact with people, helping them understand what their Insurance is doing for them. I’ve been in the insurance business for ten years.
Most of my free time is spent working and relaxing in my garage. I also like to listen to talk radios. One interesting thing some people might not know about me is that I am a United States Navy Veteran, with 27 years of Service.

Betty Ann Piela

Senior Customer Rep

I grew up in Pennsylvania and before I started working with insurance, I was in real estate for 25 years.
It’s now been 10 years since I’ve been with the Darragh agency and I just love helping people obtain the best coverage on their personal properties and helping them maintain their financial goals.

I really enjoy making a personal connection with the people I talk to everyday and, at the end of the day, I take great joy in knowing I was able to help them with whatever problem arrises.

When out of the office, you can definitely find me on the tennis courts. If not on the courts then definitely watching all the tennis games that I can. I love tennis.

I’m very passionate about St. Judes. They do amazing work for children

Karen Wiley

Sales Rep
I grew up here in Greenwood SC, and graduated from Greenwood High School. I am a licensed cosmetologist from the Greenwood Vocational School.
I am fairly new to insurance industry compared with my peers. However, I’m glad to be part of such an experienced team. Communicating daily with customers and making them feel at ease, making them feel like they are more than just a number is what most excites me about my job.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family! I have a daughter, Cassey and two grandchildren, Chloe and Luke. They are my world and I can hold an endless conversation about them. I also love working out, dancing, shopping, and cooking. One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend is at North Myrtle Beach.

I the past I have volunteered with Megs House during an event and also as a staff member at New Life PHC for the youth group.

Kay DeBlaey

Senior Customer Service Rep
35 years ago, I moved from Wisconsin to South Carolina. The heat and humidity took some adjustment, but it beats the zero winter temps any day!
I have worked with insurance for 30 years as customer service rep. I Can’t even believe it has been that long! I love my job and it is always great to be able to help our customers and give them the assurance that they are being taken care of for their insurance needs.
Life has changed for my husband and me since we have been blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters.

And when I’m not at work, I keep busy with many interests: church, sports, music, yard work, travel, and my family. They make my weekends fly by.

I enjoy playing the flute and have become a member of a flute choir. Such fun! I also enjoy helping out with the children at Connie Maxwell and serving along with others at my church.

Teresa Masters

I grew up in a small part of Laurens County. During high school, I spent most of my time in the NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps).

My experience in the insurance industry has been a different one to say the least. I like learning new things and having new experiences. Thus far, I have enjoyed it. I would have to say, what excites me the most about my job is helping the people who come in the office. Seeing others happy and laughing is the best reward to me!

When not at work, I love spending time with my husband, I feel like I could never have enough time with him. My favorite way to spend my weekend is probably baking or taking a swim in the pool.

I try to volunteer whenever I can and love helping our local soup kitchen.